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SEBO FELIX 1 Premium

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SEBO FELIX 1 Premium
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Made in Germany, the stylish FELIX series are lightweight, ultra-quiet, commercial-grade vacuum cleaners, offering all the flexibility of a canister in an upright configuration! There are two models, and each has a different cleaning head option. The FELIX 1 Premium includes the 12-inch-wide ET-1 electric power head for cleaning carpets and a parquet brush for cleaning hard floors with straight suction. The FELIX 4 Kombi includes only a Kombi Nozzle, with retractable bristles, for cleaning hard floors and rugs with straight suction (no electric power head is included).
The FELIX 1 has an incredibly effective power head that makes it the best lightweight pet vacuum cleaner on the market! It also has four-level manual height adjustment, effectively cleans carpets and hard-floor surfaces, and has manual brush roller shut off so delicate flooring can be cleaned with straight suction. It also has rubber-coated wheels to protect floor surfaces, tool-free brush roller removal for replacement or bristle cleaning, and an orange warning light illuminates when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning, the bristles are worn, or automatic shut off occurs due to a brush roller obstruction.
Both FELIX models can morph into a floor polisher by attaching SEBO’s DISCO head. To underscore their reliability, these vacuums come with a seven-year motor, five-year parts and labor warranty. They also feature a "flex" neck with amazing 180° steering ability, variable suction control on a three-level adjustable handle, an ultra-modern filtration system, a detachable suction unit that becomes a hand-held vacuum, an instant-use suction hose, a full bag or clog indicator, a low 6-inch horizontal cleaning profile that fits under beds and furniture, a long 31-foot cord, and two on-board attachments.


  • Variable Suction Control on Handle with Soft Start 
  • Three-level Adjustable Handle Instant-use Suction Hose 
  • A Flat-to-the-floor 6-inch Profil
  • Full Bag or Clog Indicatore
  • Two Power Head Widths with One-sided Edge Cleaning
  • Detachable Suction Unit Creates a Hand-held Portable Vacuum
  • Four-level Manual Brush Height Adjustment 
  • Superb Maneuverability 
  • Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Brush Shut Off 
  • Incorrect Height Setting or Worn Brush Light 
  • Easy Brush Removal & Cleaning Manual and Automatic Brush Shut Off 
  • Thirty-one Foot Cord with Rotating Quick-release Hook 
  • Innovative Exhaust Filter . . . Design and Functionality


  • Designed and Manufactured in Germany 
  • The World’s Best Pet Vacuums 
  • Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma 
  • Tightly Sealed Hospital-grade Filtration 
  • Reliable, Commercial-grade Components 
  • Rubber Wheels and Bumpers Protect Homes 
  • High-tech Brush Roller Technology 
  • Changing Bags is Easy and Clean 
  • Save Money! SEBO Vacuums Last for Years 
  • Free Warranty Coverage
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Sebo
Vacuum Power 1200 Watt