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Vacuum Belts are the single most important part of any upright or canister vacuums (Miele, Sebo, Oreck, Riccar, Hoover, Kirby ) with a power head. Belts drive the motorized brushroll in any vacuum accounting for up to 40% of its cleaning ability. Flat belts should be replaced anywhere from three to eighteen months depending on the manufacturers recommendations. We can replace your old belt in our store in San Jose 


Paper or cloth bags are still the most common way of capturing and disposing of dust from vacuum cleaners. Most manufacturers have proprietary bags which only fit their specific units however companies like 3M manufacture bags to fit most units. There are also inexpensive bags available which need to be purchased with caution as the filtration and overall life expectancy of the vacuum is highly dependant on the quality of the bag in the unit. It is always recommended to purchase either genuine bags made by the manufacturer of the vacuum or the higher quality replacement bags. Your vacuum motor’s life relies on the protection the vacuum bag provides for it.


Vacuum Filters have become more sophisticated over the past few years due to recent allergy concerns. Most Vacuum cleaners now carry HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters creating cleaner dust emissions than in previous models. Filters protect the operator, the environment and the motors of most vacuums so it is essential to regularly change them. Depending on the type of filter, manufactures recommend that they be changed anywhere from every six months to 3 years. When in doubt change it every eighteen months. Caution should be used in filter replacement as well as machine selection for those with allergies. Inexpensive filters compromise machine emissions performance while many machines leak dust making the filter effective but the machines dust emissions ineffective. Seek our advice on dust emissions testing before making your model selection.

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