This high pile carpet vacuum is the latest and greatest answer to deep cleaning plush carpets or area rugs.

This premium canister vacuum is paired with an exclusive powerbrush along with a unique suction setting designed specifically for the needs of carpets with high and thick tubes. Packed with all of Miele’s high end vacuum features the Complete C3 for Soft Carpet is a game changer.

The most notable aspect of the Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet is the new Soft Carpet Electro Plus powerbrush. With five adjustable height settings this carpet head will be able to be used on nearly any carpet or rug. Lower settings will allow you to clean tight woven berber styles while higher settings allow the best cleaning for plusher pile carpets. A chevron style bristle set will work through the carpet tubes giving them a deep down clean. The aggressiveness of the head will do a fantastic job cleaning up pet hair. Finally a large wheel set on the under carriage of the head allows you to move the Soft Carpet Electro Plus back and forth with ease on any surface.

Exclusive to the Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet is the Soft Carpet suction setting. In this mode Miele has dialed in the perfect amount of suction for high pile carpets. It will allow you to draw the head back and forth with ease without sacrificing a deep clean. The high pile carpet vacuum has six additional suction settings that can be adjusted with a tap of your toe on top of the canister.

For any smooth surface in your home, Miele has included the Parquet Twister 300-3. Soft natural bristles will gently clean dust debris from any wood, tile, laminate or stone. A dual-joint neck allows this tool to easily slip into the tightest of spaces. The 1200 watt German made motor produces an impressive amount of suction at 140 cubic feet of airflow. Encased in high-quality virgin plastics and dampening material, this vacuum for plush carpet can operate at whisper quiet levels.

The Complete C3 for Soft Carpet canister comes with all of the premium features found in the Miele C3 Complete line. A soft rubber bumper helps protect walls and furniture. The three accessory tools, a natural fiber dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle store inside a compartment on top of the canister. An ultra long 24 foot powercord will automatically retract into the canister with the touch of a button.

The canisters boasts Miele’s Sealed Filtration System. A large 4.7 qt type GN dustbag catches most dirt and dust while the Miele SF-HA50 HEPA filter will trap 99.97%particles as small as .3 microns before exhausting air out into your home. A long flexible hose with ergonomic handle along with a height adjustable stainless steel wand covers a 36 foot cleaning radius.

Miele has listened to the needs of carpet owners everywhere. With a redesigned carpet brush and exclusive settings the Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet is the perfect high pile carpet vacuum to keep your nice carpets clean and in perfect condition.

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Complete C3 for Soft Carpet


13 lbs.

Suction Control

Foot tap +/- | Unique SoftCarpet Setting

Canister Weight?

13 lbs.

Canister Dimensions?

20″ x 10.5″ x 8″



Standard Filter


Standard Floor Tool

SoftCarpet Electro Plus

Powerbrush SBB 300-3 Parquet Brush

Use with STB100 handheld Mini Turbobrush



Deluxe ergonomic


Stainless steel telescopic

Dusting Brush

Yes (natural bristle)

Upholstery Nozzle


Crevice Tool


Operating Radius

36′ (cord is 24ft)

Hose Length?

5.5 ft.

Wand Length

3.5 ft.

Dustbag Change Indicator


Overheating Lamp


HEPA Filter Indicator


Safety Shutoff



3 Year Limited Warranty


Tayberry Red


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